Tendon Injuries

What is a tendon injury?
Tendon injuries can result from a deep cut to your hand wrist or arm. Tendons are the structures that connect muscles to bones. Tendons are necessary for normal movement of your joints and injury to tendons can cause loss of motion or pain with motion. Tendon ruptures can occur if too much force is applied across a joint. Tendon ruptures can also occur spontaneously in the presence of chronic inflammation from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

How is a tendon injury diagnosed?
Loss of the ability to move a joint after an injury is the most common way for a tendon injury to be noticed. There can be, however, more subtle signs of injury. If you suspect you have an injured tendon, it is important to be evaluated by a trained professional to achieve an accurate diagnosis.

How are tendon injuries treated?
Treatment for tendon injuries varies acceding to the severity of the injury, the location of the injury, and any associated medical conditions affecting the patient.

Generally speaking, partial tendon lacerations where less than 50% of the tendon has been cut are treated with rest and range of motion exercises to restore function. More severe injuries, including completely severed tenons are surgically repaired and treated with extensive therapy to restore and maintain function.

Tendon ruptures associated with chronic inflammation generally require more extensive techniques such as tendon grafting or tendon transfers. Tendon grafting is a procedure where tendon material is taken from elsewhere on the patients body and moved to the injured area. Tendon transfers involves rerouting structures within the arm to allow working structures to restore function to injured areas.

How do I know which treatment will be needed?
Proper treatment of tendon injuries is one of most challenging aspect of hand and upper extremity surgery. Consultation with a trained professional is essential to determine if treatment is required, and if so, which treatment is optimal.

Dr. Rose has experience with all the above techniques and can provide an assessment and explanation of the options available to you if you have a suspected tendon injury. Please contact us to schedule an appointment

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